When it comes to dressing up, an infinity scarf could be the item that brings out the entire ensemble. However, unlike feathered bangs or cocktail dresses, these kinds of scarves can be worn in all kinds of ways. Of course, you may be hesitant to learn how to wear an infinity scarf because there are so many ways that you can wear one.


However, it's not as hard as some woman may think. With a few simple tricks, you can easily learn how to wear an infinity scarf 20 different ways in mere minutes - there are no difficult instructions to wrapping, twisting, tying and folding your infinity scarf to create an outfit that makes a statement.

Are you ready to learn how to wear an infinity scarf for whatever the occasion may be.

20 Ways You Can Wear Your Infinity Scarf

1 - Basic Infinity Scarf

Basic Infinity Scarf

Why should you consider the basic infinity scarf? It's a simple look that involves no folding or twisting. Consider using a shade of pink or one with a chunky texture.

How To Wear The Basic Infinity Scarf - It's actually quite simple. Pick up the center and put it around your neck. Viola. Done!

What Can You Wear With The Basic Style - Believe it or not, a basic infinity scarf is ideal for either formal or informal attire. However, to get a nice balance, use it with some structured clothing.  While this style type is great for any season, the loose hanging style is best for warmer weather.

2 - Shoulder Wrap Scarf

Shoulder Wrap Scarf

Why should you consider the shoulder wrap scarf? This unanticipated, super sophisticated look can bring envy to people's faces. It can highlight the bust line, and when the temperatures drop, the wearer will stay warm.

How To Wear The Shoulder Wrap Scarf - To wear this scarf type, just pull the scarf around your shoulders, stretching out the length and twisting to make a figure-8. Be sure the knot is on the shoulder and pull the hole you've created over the head and put it across your other shoulder. Make adjustments for your own comfort.

What Can You Wear With The Shoulder Wrap Scarf - This kind of scar doesn't go with jackets or bulky shirts.  Rather, use the shoulder wrap on a slim-fitting maxi dress or tank to. When it comes to knowing how to wear an infinity scarf, it's best to remember they're good for avoiding sunburns.

3 - Head Wrap

Head Wrap

Why should you consider the head wrap? If you've got a bad hair day going on and still want to look good, the head wrap will ensure those frizzies stay under "wrap".

How Should You Wear The Head Wrap - Be sure the infinity scarf goes around your neck, twisting it to create the figure-8.  Place your newly created hole over the neck and make adjustments for your style. To ensure more coverage, overlap the pieces.

What Kind Of Outfit Goes With The Head Wrap - This type of scarf is best on the windy days, ensuring the tangles are well-managed. Use it with sweaters or jackets to create a feminine style to your cold-weather clothing. Or, you can choose some chiffon fabric and lightweight clothing.

4 - Classic Double

Classic Double

Why should you consider the classic double infinity scarf? If need to learn how to wear an infinity scarf that goes great with classy for either gender, then the classic double is your best bet.  It's great for every kind of occasion as well as season.

How Can You Wear The Classic Double - Place your infinity scarf around your neck, pulling forward the length and crossing it over in the figure-8 style. Place the second circlet over the top of the first one. You can either have a long length at the bottom or make them even.

What Kind Of Outfit Goes With The Classic Double Style - When it comes to versatility, the classic double is the most versatile, going great with tank tops, collard, shirts and wrap dresses�� to name a few. And, it can be worn whatever the weather.

5 - Infinity Scarf Shirt

Infinity Scarf Shirt

What's so good about the infinity scarf shirt?  There are some folks who worry they're going to walk out their house without their pants. But, for those who've ever walked out their home and forgotten their shirt, this infinity scarf shirt is a keeper.

How You Should You Wear The Infinity Scarf Shirt - Place the scarf around your waist, spreading it out to give you plenty of coverage. Twist its length to create the figure-8. Pull it up and place it over your head, making sure to adjust it for some humility.

What Can You Wear With This Scarf - This scarf is ideal for swimsuits, as the great beach cover-up. However, it can bring class to strapless garments or pain tank tops (spaghetti strap tanks, for instance).

6 - Ear Muff

Ear Muff

Why should you consider using the ear muff infinity scarf style?  Clothes don't just need to be fashionable; they need to be functional too. When the weather turns cold, this infinity scarf style can keep you warm.

How Do You Wear The Scarf - Like the Basic style, you just pull the ear muff style over the head, allowing it to rest there. To get the complete effect, place the fabric across your crown.

What Can You Wear With The Ear Muff Infinity Scarf - If your body has difficulty in maintaining its temperature during the spring, then you'll want to consider this look. It's also great for blustery conditions that can cause your ears to get cold.  If you want to keep the fabric in place, wear your hair in a high bun.

7 - Vest


Should you consider the Vest infinity scarf? This style is great for women who have smaller busts or narrow shoulders, as it allows them to increase their figure and doesn't mess up a hairstyle.

How Is This Style Worn - Put the scarf behind your head, slipping each of your arms into the opening. Be sure the stretch of the fabric is behind your neck.

What Can You Wear With It - This style is a bit too bulky for pea coats and puffer jackets; but, it works wonders for stretchy bodysuits and form-fitting athletic wear.  If you didn't shave your underarms, cover it with this scarf.

8 - Vest Part 2

Vest Part 2

Why should you opt for this vest version? If you were impressed by the first vest infinity scarf version, then it's time to learn how to wear an infinity scarf to highlight your figure. Belt the vest style to create an entirely new look. It goes well with loose or wavy hair.

How Do You Wear The Vest (Part 2) - Place the scarf along your neck, with each end resting around the front of your body. Use a skinny belt to pull it tightly around your waist, creating a great hip-to-waist ratio.

What Goes Well With The Vest (Part 2) - There's no reason for push-up bras with the Vest Part 2. And, by all means, show a little skin. Wear the vest with a skirt suit or a strapless tube dress.

9 - Head and Shoulders Scarf

Head and Shoulders Scarf

Why is this style so good? When you feel overexposed - whatever the reason, then consider learning how to wear an infinity scarf. The head and shoulders infinity scarf style provides you with more than adequate coverage.

How Do You Create The Look - Be sure the loop goes over your head, allowing it to rest on your neck. Pull one end over the crown, letting the fabric to drape onto the shoulders. Adjust it to cover the shoulders and chest as you want.

What Can You Wear With The Style - This style works great on top of regular shirts and under blazers and hoodies. Pair it with strappy flats and a maxi skirt, and you've got an glamorous, mysterious look.

10 - Infinity Head Wrap

Infinity Head Wrap

Why should you opt for this style of an infinity scarf? This is a great style to embrace if you've hair isn't cooperating OR you decide to skip the shower and get out and about.

How Do You Wear This Style - Place the scarf on the forehead, allowing it to go down your back. Keep the cap part tight, twisting the dangling part and wrapping it around the bottom of your head and back over the front. Twist the length once more, wrapping it around the head. You want to get a tight fit.

What Can You Wear With It - If you've hit the gym during your lunch break, give yourself a sophisticated look afterwards with this infinity scarf style.

11 - Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Why should you consider using the Bow-Tie infinity scarf? As you see so far, there are 10 outstanding ways to learn how wear an infinity scarf. However, the Bow-Tie infinity scarf provides you with yet another option. Of course, you need an extra-long scarf�� whatever the style you want.

How Do You Wear The Scarf - Snugly wrap the fabric around your shoulders, pulling the front and tying it into a knot. You want a tie that's similar to shoelaces. Tie it again to get the bow effect.

When and Wear You Can Use The Bow Tie Scarf - When it comes to when to wear this scarf, any special occasion will do - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.  Use any color scarf with a white collared shirt.

12 - Houdini


Why should you pick the Houdini style infinity scarf? Both family and friends are going to ask you just how you managed to get this creative look�� a style that's both gratifying and mystifying.

How Do You Wear This Style - Put the scarf on like you would a strapless shirt, using a belt to secure it above your chest. Tug the fabric gentle through the top of the belt, folding it over. Use the belt to secure the ends. Be sure to use another belt to secure the waist.

What Can You Wear With This Scarf Style - When it comes to this scarf style, hide any unexpected stains such as ketchup or wine that spill onto your shirt. Wear it with classic pumps and skinny jeans.

13 - Business Wear

Business Wear

Why is the business wear style such a worthwhile look? If you always like the way the white collar style looks on men, it's time to go with this feminized version.

How Do You Wear The Business Wear Style - Allow the scarf to drape around your neck, ends hanging loosely forward. Loop the left end over the right end, pulling it up around the back and through neck hole. Finally, insert it into a newly made loop.

What You Can Wear With It - Instead of wearing the same old office wardrobe, use a little black dress and accentuate it with the scarf. You can also combine it with a messy topknot, oversized sweater or high-waist denim cut-offs.

14 - Skater Skirt

Skater Skirt

What makes the skater skirt infinity scarf an option? When learning about how to wear an infinity scarf, you may be sick and tired of all the shirt-like options. Well, consider the skirt-scarf option.

How Do You Wear The Skirt Scarf Style - Pull the scarf around your body and down the hips.  Use a skinny belt around your waist and the scarf. Bring the fabric out from under the belt, draping it on top. If you've got a long scarf, you can make a two-layer skirt.

What Can You Wear With The Skirt Scarf - One of the obvious choices to go with this look are ballet flats and body suits. If you're the clumsy type, use it so convey some sense of grace.

15 - Earth Goddess

Earth Goddess

Why should you use the Earth Goddess? It's lightweight, free-flowing style that's a little less structured than the Houdini style. It's great for when you feel bloated after you eat lunch.

How Do You Wear The Earth Goddess Style - Place a belt on your chest, above your breasts. Pull the fabric from underneath the belt and tugging it over the top. Allow it to loosely hang, and adjust the pin-tucks as you need to.

What Can You Wear With It - If you're self-conscious about the bottom half of you, then this is the style for you. Use with a lacy skirt and Birkenstocks

16 - Halter


Why you should look at the halter for an infinity scarf style? If you've got tan lines or highly defined deltoids, show them off with the halter scarf style. It's the perfect summer look that comes together in a matter of seconds.

How Do You Wear The Halter Style - Be sure you have a safety pin before you scrunch the scarf around your stomach. Tug the two pieces upwards and go around your neck, which will create the halter. Secure it in the place using the pin. Want some additional style to it, include a belt.

What Can You Wear With The Halter Style Infinity Scarf - The halter style has some flirty looks to it, going great on sunny days. Wear it on vacation to an island or other warm weather climate.

17 - One-Shoulder


Why you need to consider the one-shoulder infinity scarf look? Whatever body style you have, this style can flatter it. It can work well for those Monday morning meetings and for the happy hour time away from work.

How Do You Wear This Scarf Style - Use a brooch or safety pin, wrapping the scarf around your body. Pull the loose end of the scarf to the right side from both back and front, and pinning it on the shoulder. Make some adjustments to get the right coverage.

What Can You Wear With This Style - Use this style with a blazer and pencil skirt to work or be causal using it with gladiator sandals and vibrant skinny capris.

18 - Chic Sling

Chic Sling

Why should you choose the chic sling style? Physical injuries can now look a little stylish with the sling style.

How Do You Wear The Style - Make two loops in the infinity scarf, putting it around your neck. Lengthen the scarf of one loop by pulling it forward, which you then drape onto one shoulder. Reduce the air flow by adjusting it to fit.

What Do You Wear The Chic Sling With - You want this scarf style to be the center of attention. Use it with an outfit that makes it stand out like a short or full-length black romper.

19 - Double Trouble Scarf

Double Trouble Scarf

Why do you need to consider the Classic Double infinity scarf? This scarf style is so versatile that it goes with everything and with anybody (yes, men too!) And, you don't have to keep the style during the day. Just switch to the forbearer of the Double Trouble, and bam, you've got another look.

How Do You Wear The Classic Double Infinity Scarf - Make two loops in the scarf, placing them around your neck. Pull one loop forward, being gentle with it, to produce a staggered effect.

What Do You Wear With This Scarf - Any clothing goes well with this scarf, regardless of what kind of clothing it is.

20 - Loop-de-Loo


Why should you consider this infinity scarf version? If you don't have a high adventure tolerance, then it would be a good idea to learn how to wear an infinity scarf right. This version of infinity scarf is a fashionable style of the Double Trouble.

How Do You Wear This Scarf - Stretch it across the back of your neck, making sure to pull forward the ends so they're in the front. Put one end of the scarf into the loop, pulling it slightly tight. If you want some conversations going, include a sing-song torie.

What Do You Wear With This Scarf - It's just as resourceful as the Classic Double and Double Trouble infinity scarves, and works great with cashmere cardigans and hidden button jackets.